So to start off my blog, I feel the need to start off the “Breed of the Week” with my inspiration: Penny the Pomeranian. I got Penny the summer before eighth grade and it was one of the best days. My sister and I got her as a joint birthday gift and I can say that, without a doubt, it was the greatest birthday present I have ever received. When we first got Penny, she was about two pounds. Pomeranians are a small breed and Penny was from a teacup breed (extra small) so we knew that she was going to be pretty tiny, probably around eight to ten pounds. Well, after five years of having Penny, her weight has never gone over three pounds. So yes, she is abnormally small, basically more of a hamster rather than a dog. While Penny is pretty miniscule, she is as ferocious as pitbull. She most certainly has a Napoleon Complex. Anytime she is under the impression that someone is yelling at me or “attacking” me (aka my mom peacefully and sweetly waking me up in the morning), she flips out and starts to attack the culprit, no matter how big they may be. But believe me when I say that her high-pitched bark is much worse than her non-existent bite. Now that you all have a little bit of background about my obsession with my dog and why I chose this as my passion, let’s get started.

Fast Facts:

Pomeranians are companion dogs or lap dogs that are usually seven inches to one foot in length with a weight of three to seven pounds. They also have a pretty long lifespan: twelve to sixteen years. While I wish that they could be immortal, sixteen years will have to do.


Pomeranians, also known as “Poms,” get their name from Pomerania, which is a province in Germany. Pomerania lies along the Baltic coast and is divided between Germany and Poland. Pomeranians became especially popular and much more well known after Queen Victoria, the Queen of England. Queen Victoria was said to have Poms throughout her life and liked them to smaller in size so she would breed them smaller. She also allowed pomeranians in London Dog Shows for the first time. This allowed Pomeranians to be shown in the public eye and they became a very popular breed. So aside from Victoria making the breed more popular, she made it the norm for Poms to be smaller in size. There are many famous people who were said to have Pomeranians. For example, Martin Luther, Michelangelo, Isaac Newton, and even Mozart all had Pomeranians. It was said that Michelangelo’s Pomeranian sat on a satin pillow and watched him create his most famous masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel, so that was one cultured Pom. So since all of these very intelligent and talented people had Pomeranians, it is clear that this is the dog to have.



Pomeranians are very smart and loyal, so loyal that they can be very feisty and do anything to protect their family. They are also very independent and definitely have a mind of their own which makes them very curious about everything around them. While I mentioned before that they have a Napoleon Complex, that can get them into trouble because they will not be afraid to stand up to another dog or animal that is much bigger than they are which can cause some issues if not properly watched. Pomeranians tend to enjoy meeting new people as well as other animals but some Poms can be shy, depending on how they socialized when they are puppies. It is important to take any dog breed, but especially Poms, on walks outside to be exposed to different people, sights, sounds,and experiences. Since Pomeranians are so small, it is very easy to tire them out and give them their allotted exercise for the day. Simply throwing a ball in your backyard or a ten minute walk should be able to satisfy the needs of a feisty Pom.

In conclusion, Pomeranians are vibrant, protective, adorable, and sociable dogs who can be a great companion, lap dog, or protector when you need one. Be like Isaac Newton and adopt a Pomeranian, he was smart enough to create the Laws of Motion and even smarter to adopt a Pom!



  1. I think this was a cute post and the tone of it (like when you mentioned how Isaac Newton adopted one) gives it a nice light tone! Your dog is definitely cute, and I look forward to reading more!

  2. This post was so cute!!
    I liked how you started with a personal story and then you went into the history behind Pomeranians. I expected the Pomeranian history to be boring, but it was interesting to learn about Queen Victoria.

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