Samoyed: The Snowball

The strong-willed and smiling Samoyed is a very hard-working dog; it can do many jobs. They can pack hike, track, and even warm their owners by sleeping on top of them at night. While they are very serious about their jobs, the Samoyed they are very friendly, gentle, and devoted family dogs.

Fast Facts:
The Samoyed Breed is a working dog breed so they are bred to be ready to work. They range from 1 foot, 7 inches to 2 feet at tall at the shoulder. They also range from 50 to 60 pounds making them a pretty solid dog. They have a nice long life span of 12 to 14 years so this dog will definitely be a big part of the family.


The Samoyed was originally bred to hunt, herd reindeer, and haul sledges for the Siberian Samoyede people. Instead of treating the dogs just as working dogs, the Samoyede people treated the dogs very kindly and even brought them in to join the family at the end of the day. Because of this closeness between the dog and the people, it created a sense of loyalty and trust in the breed that still remains to this day. These dogs went through Siberia at the end of the 19th and early 20th century to pull sledges on polar expeditions. These missions were very hard for the dogs but they endured it, making them the one of the strongest and fittest dog breeds. The original Samoyed Club of America was organized in 1923 which was the same year the American breed standard was adopted.


The Samoyed is intelligent, gentle, and loyal as well as friendly and loving to its family, even children, which makes them great watchdogs. Samoyeds thrive on being part of a household and love the hustle and bustle of the family lifestyle. With this, the Samoyed does not like being alone and is not the type of dog that can be left alone in a kennel or a backyard.  Samoyeds, while being good with people, are still hunters at heart so they are very likely to chase after animals that seem like prey so it is important to keep them fenced in a yard. As usual, it is very beneficial to socialize the dog at a very early age to make them the best dog possible.

The Smiling Samoyed

Samoyeds are very unique because they look as if they are smiling because of the upturned corners of their mouth. Aside from being very cute, these feature has a very practical use; the mouth’s upturned corners keep the Samoyeds from drooling, which then prevents icicles from forming on their face.The smile of the Samoyed perfectly fits because they are known for being very happy and good-natured with only love to give to the people around them.

Samoyeds in the Snow

Samoyeds were specifically bred to be able to work in the world’s coldest places. For example, the Siberian town, Oymyakon, regularly goes down to temperatures of -60 degrees. Their legendary white fur, aside from being beautiful, is also thick enough to protect themselves against brutal conditions.

If you want a dog to keep you warm at night and protect you from unwanted prey, adopt a Sammie right now!

4 thoughts on “Samoyed: The Snowball

  1. I’m mad that I haven’t stumbled upon your blog until today! This is exactly the kind of blog I need in my life. I love all the informational pieces about the dog, along with all the cute pictures. It’s the perfect combination. I’ll definitely be checking back in here to see if I can’t find my future dog.

  2. Would that I could Peggy, would that I could. Before having read your blog, I knew nothing about this wonderful breed of dog, but now, I feel as though I could hold a perfectly educated conversation with someone on about the perks of the breed. I am a little confused though, were these dogs sled dogs, like the ones that pull people in teams? Or were they, for example, pulling food and equipment. Either way, it’s clear that this is a very special dog!

  3. So I want this dog. Like right now. Not only are they adorable but they seem to have so many redeeming qualities! I really enjoyed the history section of this post because far too often people forget that these dogs do have histories of their own and it’s really cool to learn about! Also, if I had a Samoyed I think I’d name is Sammy Sweetheart but hey that’s just me 🙂 Great Job!

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