The Beagle: Energized Pups

While they might be small, Beagles are very active companions for adults as well as kids. Beagles tend to be fun-loving and merry but they can also be stubborn which makes for having to make some patient and creative training techniques. Their noses guide them everywhere in life, so they are excel at hunting and tracking small animals, like rabbits.

Fast Facts:
Beagles come from the Hound Dog breed group and they range from one foot to one foot, three inches tall at the shoulder. They are relatively small, weighing from eighteen to thirty pounds. A healthy Beagle can live from ten to fifteen years so make sure to keep your precious Beagle happy and healthy.


Unlike many other dog breeds, the Beagle’s origin is uncertain. There are many theories of where the Beagle came from, but no certain one. Some believe that the Beagle may have come from the French word “begueule” meaning open throat or “beag” from the Old English word meaning small. The Beagle possibly dates back to 400 BC from Greek documents that describe Beagle-like dogs hunting rabbits. Beagles became popular in England very early. Elizabeth the First who lived from 1533 to 1603 was said to keep packs of Pocket Beagles that were only nine inches tall. These dogs were also used for hunting but soon they stopped being used as hunters and were used more for their looks. Once Americans started breeding them, they wanted the Beagle for their good looks. Americans also bred the Beagle to be smaller so that they would be better at hunting rabbits. The American Kennel Club and the Beagle speciality club were both founded in 1884 and in 1916, the Institute Foundation that maintains the National Beagle Club was made.


Beagles can be very gentle, funny, and sweet which makes for a great family dog but they can also be very difficult because of their bad behavior. Beagles are very intelligent which makes it very hard to train and manage the dog. Like other dogs, it is very important to socialize your Beagle early, to different people, sights, sounds, and experiences, as young as possible.¬† Beagles are a good family dog because they are able to bond with everyone in a family, even children as long as they are properly socialized. While Beagles might be “mouthy” and tend to grab at things, they only do this for fun and can be trained not to do it.

Snoopy the Beagle
One of the most famous cartoon dogs just so happens to be a Beagle: Snoopy from Charlie Brown. While many people think that Snoopy does not look like a Beagle, Snoopy is a true Beagle through and through. Beagles are full of energy, are very musical, have a big appetite, tend to be lazy, but are also very loving and intelligent. All of these adjectives go perfectly with the famous dog. One of the most important qualities of Beagles is that they are loyal. This quality is seen very clearly with how Snoopy acts toward Charlie Brown: a match made in heaven.

As always, remember that dogs are always up for adoption. Maybe you, a friend, or your grandparents, are looking for a nice companion, so go ahead and adopt! If you are looking for a beagle specifically, visit this site for more information. 

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  1. As a beagle owner, I highly appreciate this well-written analysis of my favorite pup! I would definitely agree with you when you said beagles tend to be “lazy”; my silly dog sleeps almost the entire day away! And she’s also very stubborn; when she smells a rabbit, almost nothing can stop her from trying to find it. In spite of this, I love my beagle, and I really enjoyed this post!

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