Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Royal and Loyal

The royal and loyal Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an active and very smart dog that is ready to learn and eager to be trained. With their short legs, Pembrokes are wonderful with children and other animals. You can find Pembrokes in all different colors and fur markings as well.

Fast Facts:
Corgis, especially Pembrokes, are herding dogs who love to herd anything and everything. They are very short due to their stumpy legs so they are usually ten inches to one foot tall at the shoulder. They are a pretty solid dog, weighing up to thirty pounds. With the proper care and love, a Pembroke can live from twelve to fourteen years.

Welsh Corgis can come in two varieties: the Pembroke and the Cardigan. Before 1934, these two breeds were registered under one until many breeders publicized that the two breeds developed separately and differently. While they both have the same level of intelligence and herding abilities, the Cardigan is slightly larger and heavier than the Pembroke. However, the biggest difference between the two breeds is that the Pembroke have a little stub of a tail while the Cardigan has a long tail.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Unlike other dogs, the Pembroke’s origin comes from folklores. It is said that the Pembrokes sprang from fairies and elves. One day, two children were wandering in the forest and found these Corgis and brought them back home where the children’s parents told them the the Corgis were used by the fairies to ride into battle. It is said that as the dogs grew up with the family, they learned how to help take care of the children and the cattle.  The historical origin of the Corgis was that Vallhunds who were Swedish cattle dogs that were brought to Wales by the Vikings. Pembrokes were very popular in Europe and were finally brought into the United States in 1936. Today, they are among the Top 50 dogs breeds in the United States.


While Pembrokes are still used as working dogs today, they are still very good family dogs as well. They are known to be very loving, loyal, and smart but can have a stubborn streaks at points. Pembrokes are relatively easy to train because of how much they want to please their owner and make them happy. However, if they are feeling particularly stubborn one day, food is always a perfect way to get a Pembrokes to do what you want. With this, they love to eat and can easily become obese is not given food in moderation. While they may be on the smaller end, Pembrokes are great guard dogs and their strong bark can ward over any stranger. Like every other dog, it is important to socialize your Pembroke as early as possible to make them as well-rounded as possible.

Corgis and the Queen:
It is likely that you have seen Corgis because of the Queen. Corgis are all over Buckingham Palace gift shops: key chains, stuffed animals, magnets, Christmas-tree ornaments and basically anything you could think of. The long line of royal Corgis started in 1933 with King George VI and Queen Elizabeth got their first Corgi: Dookie. Then, on Queen Elizabeth’s 18th birthday in 1944, she got her own Corgi and named her Susan. Susan gave birth to her own litter in 1949 and this started the program of royal breeding. While Queen Elizabeth’s children, may have not found the same love for Corgis, they are still a big part of the royal family today.

And do not forget, there are always dogs that need adopting. Try to go to shelters instead of “puppy boutiques” or breeders be cause those dogs need homes more than ever. If you want a Corgi, go no further than this link!

8 thoughts on “Pembroke Welsh Corgis: Royal and Loyal

  1. I WANT A CORGI! These little bread butt puppies are absolutely adorable and they’re so lovable and I could really use a puppy hug right about now. I loved the history that you added on both types of Corgis and their special connection to the royal family. As always your pictures are wonderful in every way and they make my heart grow a little more each time I look at them. Also, I never noticed the link on your homepage to “Help Dogs in Need Today” and I love that you have that there! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Alright, that’s it. I’m getting a Corgi. Oh my goodness the photos in your blog were so cute!! Although there is one aspect of your post that I disagree with. I’m ALL for overfeeding my Corgi. Just think about it, how cute would a super fat little Corgi be. The correct and only answer is very cute. I really like learning about the royal line of Corgis. The Queen is such a neat public figure. Did you know that there is a royal fleet of swans, too? Overall, awesome blog and I can’t wait to read more of your adorable puppy posts!

  3. Peggy I would be lying if I said that I have never wanted a Corgi. On multiple occasions I have said I wanted this type of dog to be my very first. I love their small legs and relatively chunky bodies. Their faces are absolutely adorable and the pictures you posted really help aid in the cuteness factor. I love the link to the “Help Dogs in Need Today” it really a great way to raise awareness and hopefully see funds for dogs in need. Keep up the great work!

  4. I enjoy how visually appealing your blog is. The images are very clear and stand out! I think everything really compliments each other from the organized sections you have on the topic of each dog you write about to the visuals. I think to a reader your articles are very fun and quick to read. For example if a reader simply wants to know some fun facts about a certain dog they can just scroll down to that section! Even though I am not in your class I can tell you have a true passion for dogs and what you are writing. Most importantly though, my favorite part of your blog was your direct link to helping dogs. I am glad that you are encouraging such a good act of kindness.

  5. Those Corgis in the Royal Family are the most ridiculously pampered animals I have ever seen. The day one of those things passes away will leave the world traumatized. Those dogs are really the figurehead of the country and rightfully so because they are so gosh-darn cute and are a much better face of the country… sorry Queen Elizabeth but I’m sure she is aware of this herself… good post and your last post should be about the Tibetan Mastiff. That’s the best doggy.

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