Lab members

PAraCon 2019

Ax throwing with the Vardo-Zalik lab!

Lab photo, September 2018


Current Lab Members


Maddie Malfara, BS in Biology from Brandywine campus, May 2019

Research technologist

Past Lab Members

John DiMaio

BS in Biology from Brandywine Campus, May 2017

Research technologist June 2017-July 2019

PhD candidate at Temple University

Joseph Pitts, Biology major, Brandywine campus

Jasmine Jackson, Biology major, Brandywine campus

Ekaterina (Katya) Iatsenko, Biochemistry major, Brandywine campus, Class of ’21

Karina Cuevas-Mora, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, University Park, Class of ’17

Amber Phillips, PaSSS student, Brandywine campus

Karen Ando, Biomedical Engineering Major, University Park

Joshua Cannon, Brandywine Campus, Currently a Teaching Associate at Thomas Jefferson University

Priscillia Sintim, Brandywine Campus

Pallavi Sindhu, Brandywine Campus

Marina Mathew, Brandywine Campus, Class of ’17

Nathaniel Reed, Brandywine Campus

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