Environmental and Biological Fluid Mechanics Lab

Particle-laden turbulence and biological propulsion



The Environmental and Biological Fluid Mechanics Lab explores fluid phenomena associated with animal locomotion in complex environments. We are also investigating the transport of environmentally relevant particles, like sediment or marine aggregates.

Specifically, we focus on the intermediate scales of both animal locomotion and particle transport: not too big and not too small, not too fast and not too slow.  We use cutting-edge experimental techniques to study two main areas: aquatic locomotion at intermediate Reynolds numbers, and the dynamics of solid nonspherical particles in turbulent flow (including how the spatial and temporal scales of the turbulence interact with particles that span those same spatial and temporal scales).  For specific examples of our work, check out the Research and Publications pages.

We are always looking for curious, passionate students (graduate and undergraduate) to pursue exciting and relevant projects.  Please contact mbyron [at] psu [.] edu if you are interested in joining the lab!

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