Passion Post 4 – Fancy Feast Off

At one point or another, there is a need for us to put on the suit and tie and dine to impress. Whether this be for a parental visit on the weekend, or because there’s a cute girl in class you want to ask out, fancy restaurants are a great way to express how much you value your dining partner (or its a great way to “accidentally” forget your wallet when mom and dad visit).

And no, I am no certainly not talking about Chili’s or Applebee’s, not even Red Lobster or TGI Friday’s. I’m talking about some real fancy, dim lighting, casual jazz music in the back ground, non-chain restaurant fancy. (With the tiny artisan breadsticks and everything.) And while there are plenty of fancy eateries around campus, we are going to examine three of them today.



The Corner Room – Classic fine dining in State College, regardless of whether or not you have personally eaten here, everyone knows where the Corner room is. Partially due to it’s great location right on College Avenue, partially because of prestige the location holds, the Corner Room is an obvious classic. A State College resident since 1929, the place itself is more history than anything else. Fairly average pricing with a entree averaging around $10 – 12.









2. Spatz – I’m not quite sure how many people would turn their heads at the name, but Spatz is one of the classic Cafe and Speakeasy restaurants on campus. Located almost directly in front of Old Main, Spatz has the advantage of an amazing location right on College Avenue. With a New Orleans themed almost crammed down your throat, Spatz is a popular location with average pricing for dinner ($10-15) and a cheaper lunch menu ($7-10). 082712a







3. The Tavern – Easily recognizable on College Avenue with it’s distinguishable sign of a red apple, the Tavern is another classic “dress up” dinner locations. Priding itself on giving their customers a 18th century “Ambiance,” the Tavern is a more expensive but entertaining location for a meal. Slightly more expensive with main entree’s ranging more around the 20 dollar range, the Tavern is more of an experience, but quite an enjoyable one.






THE FACEOFF ewing-galloway-boxing-gloves-hanging-on-the-wall-150x150





1). Spatz –
In terms of enjoyment, pure basic enjoyment of the food, the service and the atmosphere, Spatz definitely won the competition. Of all three option, Spatz is most definitely the most relaxed, while at the same time retaining its competitive edge as a fancy dining experience. While all three restaurants had their own theme, I loved loved loved the New Orleans theme Spatz had going on. The entire diner had a cool jazzy feel to it, and the music was perfect, not too serious and fun. I think that was one of the main reason I loved Spatz so much, both the Corner Room and Tavern made me feel cramped, like I was a kid being told to behave at a restaurant. Spatz made me feel more like I was just having fun with a friend or on a date. It doesn’t hurt that lunch is only 7 dollars for some killer jambalaya. Also, some of the best service I have seen ever, the fact that I can address the staff by their first name after my first time going probably means that they’re doing something right. I think for the most part Spatz is known to more relaxed and fun, the couple of times that I have been, one thing I’ve repeatedly noticed was how the crowds were almost entirely older people, I think I’ve only seen one college age compatriot at Spatz. This somehow made it more interesting, I love it when older couples lock eyes across the room and raise their wine glasses, classy as heck.

2). The Corner Room –
The classic, the Corner Room was a lot more enjoyable than I had originally thought. The food was excellent, a perfectly cooked burger with a side of fries and a coke, it’s down to earth American cooking. The more ostentatious meals that were offered also had great reviews from the people who’ve tried it. It is however more serious than Spatz , which to be honest has pros as well as cons. The Corner room is more of a “plan weeks in advance” location, you can’t just go on a whim like to Chipotle. Going to the Corner Room is as much of an experience as actually eating there, there’s something special about knowing that where you’re going to have dinner that night is the same place people’s been having their meal since the 1920’s. Though the service for that night was a bit lacking, it was partially  due to the fact that the day I went was also Thon weekend, huge crowds all around.

3). The Tavern –
Man, what a crazy place. Dim lit, fancy suits and gorgeous dresses. I mean, the candles felt like an over kill but I do have say, great presentation, they’ve hit the 18th century ambiance right on the nose. I half expected to walk out into a gas lamp lit road with horse drawn carriages and everything when I left. This level of atmosphere also meant that the evening was extremely serious, with a hush level of conversation and a lot of confused looks as to whether or not the fork I’m using for the salad was right or not. It isn’t a first date place, I’ll repeat that DON’T take a girl/boy here for your first date. Not the the Tavern isn’t nice, it is a little TOO nice, think more of an uncle of grandparents coming for a visit. Either that or an anniversary, heck the Tavern would be a good “Sorry I did something wrong” type of establishment too. The veal was gorgeous, cooked to perfection, I knew the food was going to be good when I sat down to candles and music but it was seriously good food. The con’s were that the food was expensive and the service was good but long. $17 for a slightly smaller piece of meat and an hour wait made the experience a little worse, but overall it’s an experience I’d recommend.

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  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Baby’s. Even though it’s your classic greasy spoon diner, Baby’s is a great place to go. It’s set up like a 50’s diner inside and the food is all classic American cooking. On certain afternoons, you can go and get two burgers, a side of fries, two drinks, and two teeny-weenies (miniature sundaes) for around $20. The service is super friendly and quick too.

  2. I have eaten at all three of those places and I agree that Spatz is the best out of those three! There is a fun vibe, friendly service, and great New Orleans-style food. If nothing else, it provides variety for the State College area! I agree with you on how the Tavern does a great job of creating an old-fashioned vibe. It makes dinner into an experience, for sure!

  3. I’ve never tried Spatz but you’ve definitely made me want to check it out! I really want to check out that New Orleans food/dining experience! Good job with organization, I knew where you were going throughout the post. I also think Herwig’s could be on this same playing level, and it might even win, the food there is OH SO GOOD. Check it out!

  4. Due to the fact that as a broke college student, I can’t afford any of this, the only time I’ve been to any of these restaurants is when my family or a friend’s family came to visit. Earlier last semester a friend’s family came to visit and took us out to Spatz, and it was delicious. Also, I think you did a good job picking a nice spread of super nice restaurants. I’ll keep these in mind next time a relative wants to spend their money on me.

  5. Michelle Lai

    I really like this post! I’ve never been to Spatz, but I’ve been to the other two restaurants and thought they were excellent. So if you like Spatz more than them, I definitely will try it sometime. State College is full of fast food restaurants and pizza places, but we need more places where you can sit down and have a nice meal. The waits for food definitely can be long, and I agree that it can be pretty pricey. This is almost unavoidable when eating at restaurants like these; however, it sounds like Spatz does a good job of being different!

  6. I unfortunately have not been to any of these restaurants and have never even heard of Spatz. I liked how you broke down each one so that I could understand and gain a feel of the place without having to actually be there. I enjoy fine dining on occasion, but I am much happier at a reasonably priced ma and pa restaurant. I feel that these little restaurants truly are the hidden gems of the dining world given that they each have their own ambiance and are unique. When I go to a new city, I do whatever I can to avoid the chain restaurants and instead find a place that the locals rave about. With that said, I am still going to give some of your restaurants a try next time I decide to eat in town with my parents or girlfriend.

  7. I also have never heard of Spatz, and i am looking forward to trying it! It sounds great and not too expensive, so thats always a plus. I absolutely love the corner room. It’s almost a staple when my mom comes to visit to either go to the corner room or the waffle shop (if its breakfast time).
    When my mom and aunts came to visit one time, we went to the tavern and I wasn’t as impressed with it. I had heard really great things about it and was very excited to try it, but the wait was over an hour and by the time we sat down the restaurant had ran out of two of its specials.
    I really enjoyed reading your post, and look forward to trying Spatz!

  8. It’s pretty funny, I’ve never heard of this place Spatz before, and I like to think of myself as a cultured Penn State Student! But I’m just gonna say, gotta represent one of my favorite restaurants, the Corner Room, that this is not the kind of place you would go to as often as Chipotle. It definitely serves a semi-formal setting; plus, if I wanted to got there as often as I would Chipotle, I’d be broke! But I’m definitely going to try this place Spatz sometime off of your recommendation; we don’t have too many places here in state college with a theme that strays from Penn State Pride. Thanks for the recommendation!

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