This web page shows images of some of the campus models that are available:3D buildings models.

  1. 3D Models

These models can also be viewed under VR environment, using Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, or HTC Vive.

Old Main in 1922 (Matt Diaz & Niloufar Kioumarsi)

Track House in 1922

For buildings collection in 1922 Penn State, please visit our Sketchfab homepage.

2. An example of a created as a fly-over of the 1922 Campus.

The model is still a draft but developing (Models: diverse; fly-over: Jiawei Huang):


3. Procedural Modeling

This image shows a screenshot of part of a campus model based on procedural rules. The software used to create this model is ESRI City Engine. Procedural rule modeling takes geospatial information such as building footprints, building height (for example, derived from LiDAR data), facade information etc. and builds approximated building models efficiently without traditional piece-by-piece modeling efforts.



What you see here is a model for which we used OPP data, (building footprint, tree data, road, sidewalk etc.) but also created our own database to add information such as the number of floors. This is an ongoing effort and we are working on additions such as the facade information, and an updated tree database. We are also creating a “hybrid” model that combines building models and procedural environment together.


Credit: Matt Diaz



The building that you see here is the Women’s building. The screenshot shows an image of our evolving historic campus model. We started with the campus in 1922 based on information about layout and buildings obtained through the library. The Women’s Building has been torn down in 1965 (for more information click here and here).



The screenshot shows a visualization of LiDAR data obtained through the OPP data commons. LiDAR is a versatile remote sensing technique that allows, for example, to derive the height of buildings, identify tree locations and potentially their type, etc. The images shows the area around Electrical Engineering and Hammond.