Journal paper on Campus 1922 is published in the Journal of Map & Geography Libraries.

Jiawei Huang, Mahda M. Bagher, Heather Dohn Ross, Nathan Piekielek, Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Jiayan Zhao & Alexander Klippel (2018) From Archive, to Access, to Experience––Historical Documents as a Basis for Immersive Experiences, Journal of Map & Geography Libraries, 14:1, 40-63, DOI: 10.1080/15420353.2018.1498427 .


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Historic Campus Project in the Penn State News

Rachel Garman writes new item on Historic Campus Project

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Campus wide meeting

The Campus Modeling Group (CMG) will meet on May 9th, 2016, at 3pm in the Immersive Environments Lab (IEL) in the Stuckeman School.

We will provide an overview of the current status of campus modeling efforts (procedural rules, hybrid, and historic).

For more information contact Dr. Alexander Klippel ( or Mahda M. Bagher (

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