The Roman Empire: The Fall of Augustus


Augustus lived to the age of 75; his reign lasted and impressive 45 years. Throughout his reign, he was able to “put back together” the Roman system of living and was able to successfully reorganize the political aspect of Rome after the civil wars regarding the controversial rule of Julius Caesar.

Augustus’ reign was also characterized by many physical changes in Rome. He, as quoted by him, “found Rome of brick and left it of marble”. He had a strong architectural affect on Rome, and managed many new construction operations in the Roman city. For example, Augustus is noted to have been the one to start the construction of the great imperial palace on top of the Palatine hill, which eventually homed the family of the Caesars. He also saw the construction of new temples dedicated for both Apollo and of Vesta. Most importantly, he saw to the creation of the Forum of Augustus, placed close to the original Roman Forum and the Forum of Julius. The temple of Mars the Avenger was placed in this new forum to commemorate the battles fought to avenge the death of Julius Caesar.

The next few years, Augustus’ methods and new system were put to the test with other emperors. However, this time period was characterized by a fantastic ruling of Augustus, and the creation of a new and systematic Rome.

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