The Fall of Tiberius: The Fall of Tiberius Caesar


Tiberius died in Misenum on 16 March AD 37, at the age of 77.

Caligula, Tiberius's Successor

Caligula, Tiberius’s Successor

Tacitus writes that when the people of Rome heard the news of his death the crowd rejoiced only to panic after hearing that he had recovered, and rejoiced again at the news that Macro had smothered him. This is most likely just a rumor, but it can be taken as an indication of how the senatorial class felt towards the Emperor at the time of his death. In his will, Tiberius had left his estate jointly to Caligula and Tiberius Gemellus. Tiberius passed without expressly appointing a new heir and therefore the duty of deciding succession fell on the senate that chose Caligula.

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