The Fall of Tiberius: The Provinces Remain Strong


Throughout Tiberius’ tenure as emperor the provinces of Rome were strong; they had a period of relative peace and prosperity.

During his reign Tiberius kept a careful eye on the governance of the provinces and rewarded good governors by extending their time in office, this may have been one of the causes that led to the general dislike of him in Roman political circles because it prevented others from what they believed was their next political step. Due to his restraint when it came to spending the treasury’s money he was able to react quickly when there was an earthquake in Asia in the year 17. He was able to remit taxes and send other aid, potentially even architects to rebuild the cities. Velleius writes that, “For who can doubt that, when he had recovered Armenia, had placed over it a king upon whose head he had with his own hand set the mark of royalty, and had put in order the affairs of the east, he ought to have received an ovation; and that after his conquest of Vindelici and the raeti, he should have entered the city as victor.” (Velleius) This shows that later in time after the Roman city’s general dislike for the way he ran things died down he is looked back on fondly by some.

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