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Get Rich Slowly

I am a Finance and Economics major, so finding a good finance blog was not much of a struggle. Get Rich Slowly is a blog created by J.D. Roth. Get Rich Slowly is a blog that has been named one of the best by both Time and Money magazine. Though the blog began just with J.D. Roth, the blog has evolved into a vast resource with multiple authors. Many of the posts gain their credibility because the authors are people who have either gone through certain financial struggles or challenges or have a vast amount of knowledge in each specific area. The blog is kept because it is incredibly lucrative and has a very high viewership. In just this past July, Get Rich Slowly had 261,542 unique viewers.


The blog’s purpose is to give advice to the every day person in what they can do to manage his or her funds and to set up a situation where those funds can multiply in the future. The organization runs this blog in hopes of giving its readers a much more stable financial lifestyle that will bring them a bright future. The audience is really just your every day Joe. Get Rich Slowly is the best advice hub for every day financial tips on anything from putting your kid through college to financing infertility treatments.

Old Main- In relation to putting your kid through college.

The tone of the blogs is very sympathetic to certain situations and informative. Responses to questions are incredibly detailed and apply to most all possible situations. The blog often leaves links to sources where people may gain a greater understanding of the situation being addressed. The sources that are linked to are often informative and official sources.

The blogger isn’t exactly entering into a “larger conversation” on the web as most posts lack much of what would be considered to be an opinion. There is always some sort of image in a post that relates to the topic at hand. The information is very well categorized so that people may easily access many different topics that have to do with finance. This is very helpful in accessing the exact information and advice you are looking for. The comments section is for the post part filled with people commenting about their own situations and how they handle each obstacle. Some people criticize small bits of advice offering more efficient alternatives to each solution.

Overall, Get Rich Slowly is an excellent place to go to learn how to your life from a fiscal point of view and to learn how to overcome fiscal obstacles.