Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Day

There is a terrible epidemic that is taking over┬áthe world of bodybuilding, and that epidemic is BLS, or Bambi Leg Syndrome. You can easily see this all over the place. There is a huge amount of guys who have massive torsos, but have extremely small, frail-looking legs. The reason for this is many men care only about the appearance of their torso as it’s the most noticeable part of a man’s appearance and it is the part of the body that is most attractive to most women. The problem is, some guys end up working out to a point where their bodies are so disproportionate that it’s just laughable to look at.

Bro whose bros let him skip leg day.

Personally, I used to skip leg day all of the time. Every guy who skips legs day has his own personal excuse. We either someone find that we have “too much work to do” or “we really need to clean the house” or something along the likes, but in reality, we usually end up just on the couch ignoring our legs. I recently escaped this mindset. I’ve never hated leg day while I was at the gym, but rather I never had anyone to motivate me to actually do a leg day. Joining powerlifting has been a great help to fix that. Every day that I go in, we do both squats and deadlift to pair along with the bench press torso work out. I can say for sure that doing legs feels like it pays off instantly. Unlike some other muscle groups, leg workouts are ones that you can fight through and get that last rep and then get it one more time. It makes you feel powerful. Personally, my legs are still rather small, but they’re getting stronger quickly. That’s the greatest thing about legs. You can up the weight every day, whereas with torso work outs it takes weeks to see any gains.

Leg day doesn’t only mean squats. To find a great leg training guide, check here.

There are various benefits to training legs. For one, training your legs gives you a much stronger base. A common comparison is an oak tree. An oak tree could not stand with its heavy branches if it had a thin trunk. Your body is the same way. Training legs gives you an incredible amount of core strength. Therefore, doing leg work outs leads to greatly improved posture. Leg workouts are also vital to immense calorie consumption and a great increase in growth hormone levels. Leg workouts can significantly increase the amount of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is a hormone that is essential to gaining lean muscle mass and increasing bone density. Along with all that, leg exercises is a great way to increase your libido. So, if you want to improve your sex life, never skip leg day. With increased testosterone levels and stronger legs, you will find yourself to be much more satisfied and confident in your performance.

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