I. Introductory Paragraph

A: Hook: Bullying is an issues that occurs in all animals that has been around for millennia.

B: Bullying has evolved throughout the past 16 years. With innovation in technology, bullies have developed new methods and their impact has gotten worse and worse. The backlash from the communities affected by bullies have been drastic.


Topic: Bullies have adapted new harmful methods throughout the times.

Purpose: It is important to analyze the problems at the root of the causes of bullying.

Subtopic #1: The evolution of bullying has made it harder and harder for victims to cope with being targets.

Subtopic #2: Evolving legislation has attempted to combat the dangerously evolving culture of bullying.

Subtopic #3: Problematically, people have begun to take a more incriminating approach to bullying rather than adapting methods to cure the hurtful mindsets that bullies have.

II: Body Paragraph (Develop Subtopic #1)

A. Topic: With new developments in how we conduct our social lives, bullies have found new battlegrounds where they may attack their victims.

B. Supporting Detail: Bullies nowadays have more methods to bully, such as through social media.

C. Supporting Detail: Bullying through social media is something that many victims feel as if they have no way to escape.

D. Supporting Detail: Through social media, bullies have the opportunities to do the cruelest they can to a person: ruin their reputation.

E. Concluding or transitional: Thankfully, bullying through social media is something than can be tracked and proven through hard evidence in order to stop bullies in their tracks before they cause their victims to make decisions that they can never take back.

III: Body Paragraph (Develop Subtopic #2)

A. Topic: Lawmakers have done their best to establish legislation to curb bullying, but the amount of legislation actually passed to combat bullying is embarrassingly inadequate.

B. Supporting detail: Surprisingly, it was not until the year 1999 that the first state, Georgia, actually passed any anti-bullying laws.

C. Supporting detail: “North Dakota was greatly praised for the law they passed in 2011, not only defining bullying but outlining preventative measures for public schools to take”

D. Supporting detail: New Jersey is the leading state of all in taking preventative measures towards bullying by passing the strictest laws around that ensure that schools prevent bullying.

E. Concluding or transitional: Although it is good progress for states to establish strict laws against bullying, these actions of good intention have negative consequences.

IV Body Paragraph (Develop Subtopic #3)

A. Topic: Bullying is an issue that needs to be neutralized as well as possible, but the measures being taken are ineffective long term measure to solve the problem.

B. Supporting detail: Bullying has recently been criminalized, yet children really do not recognize the activity as criminal.

C. Supporting detail: Bullies should be forced into counseling, not into a jail cell

D. Supporting detail: “We don’t want to make criminals out of these children. We need to treat them as kids, and we need to discipline them, but we do not need to make criminal charges against them.”

E. Concluding or transitional: With the right treatment of the issue, bullies can be helped so that we will no longer have to worry about them having victims.

V. Conclusion Paragraph

A. Summary of main points: Social media platforms have made victims much easier targets, but luckily that at least means that it’s easier for bullies to be caught in the act so that they may be stopped. New pieces of legislation have aided greatly in making sure that bullies are being punished for their acts, but it is likely that the problem is not being solved in the most effective way. Bullies do not have to be bullies their whole lives, and we have to teach them that.

B. Bullies are an issue that has been around for forever, but through our efforts, we can only hope to diminish their impact on their innocent victims.

C. Stopping bullies is about being more than an innocent bystander. Together, we can take action in order to save people from the physical and emotional harm that bullies cause.

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