How to Get Your Workout Habits to Stick

Many people who get into fitness have on common problem: it is extremely difficult to stay in your routine. Every few weeks, you might have a moment where you decide that you want to start taking things much more seriously, but the revelations of that moment hardly seem to stick around long enough to keep you going.

Motivation is what makes good people great, but it is so hard to keep that type of motivation going. We have all been there. It is important to constantly think about WHY you started working out. Whether it be to look good in clothes, get the beach body you’re looking for, or to just feel better about yourself, you need to constantly remind yourself with that goal. When you know you should go to the gym, but you really don’t want to, just take time to think about why you started. Personally, a great motivation for me is to follow a bunch of fitness motivation accounts on instagram. They make me feel jealous of other people for how much they have achieved, but then I remind myself that with the right dedication, I can get there too.

In college, it is often hard to find time to work out. We all have busy schedules. A vital part to keeping your workout routine is to mark it on your calendar when you’ll go to the gym. Work around your schedule and find free time when you know you could be going to the gym. When you’re sitting around your dorm during this time wondering what to do, your first move should be to look at your calendar. Have it be a physical calendar. Have it be something that you can track. Mark down the days that you make it to the gym and the days that you don’t. Just seeing this can often be enough to make you want to better yourself.

Work out at the time of day that works best for you. Some days the time that you planned out just doesn’t work out. Even if it doesn’t, that doesn’t mean that you should entirely give up. Find more time to work out and actually do it. Even if it isn’t as much time as you usually like to spend working out, even half of your usual workout is better than doing nothing.

Thinking about possibly working out later? Put your work out clothes on right now. I’m talking RIGHT NOW. As soon as you’re already in your clothes, you’re already half way to the gym. Even if you still have a bunch of errands to run, you’ll be doing them ready to do the hardest part of your day: taking the first step out of the door to go to the gym. Dress ready and you will start to feel ready. Take away your excuses one step at a time and eventually there will be none left.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Your Workout Habits to Stick

  1. vag5076

    Every morning at 6am and occasionally 4:30am, I have practice until 8. I am on the Penn State Crew Team, and let me tell you, being awake before the sun even is, can be rough. Telling yourself that the sweat and pain is worth it can be hard to convince myself that my comforting bed isn’t a better idea. In the end though, I get up and it is perfect. I through my spandex and sneakers on (plus some additional gym attire) and almost primaly throw myself into the workout. After it, I have endorphins, feel more alive and healthier, and I know I can eat what I want. I don’t work out to get skinny, because I love my body and the way it looks as is. I would be okay if I gained weight from working out, since it would be muscle gain, but the main reason I exercise is so that I can eat all the crappy food that would otherwise make me morbidly obese. I’m not kidding, like, air lifted to the hospital in case of an emergency bad. So, I sweat and self-inflict pain upon myself every morning so that I can keep living and being happy.

  2. grp5097

    This post hits SO close to home with me. Fitness is something that helps me stay on track with everything else. When I am tired, stressed, angry, or anxious, there is nothing a little yoga, running, and lifting cannot fix. It is such a powerful tool to keep your body and psyche healthy. Granted, it is hard to keep that motivation up. We stay up late, party to long, and after all of this fun it is hard to look at the White Building and think, “yeah that looks like a great time”. No matter what, though, you must mentally drive it into your brain that you WANT to go and that you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after you finish a workout. Thanks for the helpful tips, though, will definitely take them into account.

  3. cjh5690

    My closest encounter with anything even slightly work out related was my feeble attempt to do some push ups and sit ups over the summer. Get a little into shape and lose the belly for college, ya know? Well…that worked out…kinda.

    It’s definitely hard to discipline yourself. In my extremely limited experience, I would always work out “just before I went to bed.” Now, the problem with that is I never went to bed at a set time. It was sporadic, unregimented, and a little inefficient. Something as simple as staying up too late or having friends over would cause me to falter, and whenever I did, I tried to make it up the next night.

    Well…that’s a slippery slope, and by July, my feeble workout was no more. Sure, I lost a few pounds, but I’m still a twig. I couldn’t find the time during the summer in the comfort of my own home, so I have no clue how the heck I’m going to get into shape here. Maybe it’s a discipline thing. Take the next step up, right?

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