Sublime Samos: My Favorite Place

On my third day in Greece, I discovered what would become one of my favorite Greek islands: Samos.

Our tour company, EF Tours, does not let their customers go into Turkey, so we had to depart the boat at 4 o’clock in the morning. The ocean at such an hour was beautiful in the darkness, however, its hard to appreciate aesthetic when you are on day three of sleep-deprived mania.I was able to reflect on Samos’ beauty, however, as we ate breakfast as the sun rose. We sat next to the harbor, the sunrise awakening the small village (Samos, Samos) we were in.

During the first part of our day, I got some more background information about the island’s beautiful Greek Churches. Specifically, the meaning of the Eye.

If you ever go to Greece, you will find the Eye everywhere: in every tourist shop, every museum, every church. Most of them are bright blue, but in the churches they are made out of gold and silver.

Our tour guide told us the Eye is called “the evil eye.” From ancient times, it supposedly wards against evil. It is a classic example of pagan tradition mixed with Christianity in Greece. So basically this tradition argues all people with blue eyes are evil. As a Type A blue-eyed blonde, I can say with certainty this is accurate.