Coping and Regulation of Environmental Stress Lab

The Pennsylvania State University

Welcome to the CaRES Lab Webpage!

  • What we do:  Our work in this lab focuses on environmental stress and how children and families adapt to it. We are particularly interested in discovering sources of resiliency in children and their families and using this information to build programs to strengthen children and families who face stress. We focus on coping, self-regulation, and family support in our basic and applied research studies.
  • Basic Research!  Our basic research examines the effectiveness of different forms of coping in buffering against stress. We use several different methodologies to capture these phenomena at multiple levels, and our studies include experiments, structured observations, and physiologic assessments.
  • Intervention Research!  Our intervention work has involved developing and evaluating prevention programs for families facing significant environmental risks such as poverty and acculturation stress, and using intervention research to further answer and refine basic science questions. Through this intervention research, we also hope to gain more information on how to develop highly effective intervention programs for children.
  • Values embedded in our work:
  • The belief in the dignity and worth of the people we serve in our research and clinical work.
  • The hope to build upon each child’s potential.
  • Cultivating humility in regards to our limitations and assumptions.
  • Maintaining a strengths-based mindset.
  • The CaRES Lab is lead by Martha Wadsworth, PhD in the Department of Psychological Sciences at The Pennsylvania State University.
  • We welcome you to explore our website, find out more about our ongoing research and opportunities, and contact us if you want more information!

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