About Me

Hi, I’m Cary.
I’m an M.S. candidate in the Department of Geography at Penn State. My current thesis work focuses on how cartographic design choices – particularly color – influence user affect and judgement.

I work as a teaching and research assistant at the Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA. My recent projects include collaborating with Dr. Cindy Brewer in the development of the Scientific Program for the ICC 2017, and performing usability tests of the online online web-mapping tool MapSieve with Dr. Anthony Robinson. I have TA’d two courses: Geog 260 – Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, and Geog 361 – Cartography, Maps and Map Construction.

Prior to coming to Penn State, I worked as a Cartography Technician at Garmin International in Olathe, KS – editing maps, verifying and fixing user issues, and testing new software.

Academic Interests:
Emotion and Visual Design, Psychology, Survey Design, User Research and Testing, Behavioral Economics, Cartography, Decision Sciences.

I also love iced coffee, running, and painting with fun colors.