Recent Work

The Influence of Affectively-Congruent Color Assignments in Categorical Mapping
2018 Cartography Specialty Group Illustrated Paper Competition (1st Place)
American Association of Geographers (AAG) Conference, New Orleans, LA

Visualizing Well-Being: 2017 Edition
A tool for exploring composite indices of well-being.
Presented at the International Cartographic Conference 2017.

Displays best in Firefox or Microsoft Edge (not Chrome)

Hotel Floor Plan Maps
Designed for the International Cartographic Conference 2017, Washington DC
Cary Anderson and Cindy Brewer

Noise Hunter
Responsible for Web and Visual Design
Group Project, Fall 2017: Geog 560 – Geovisual Analytics.

Spend Vis
Prototype Mobile App Design
Final Project: IST 597, Seminar in Decision Making