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The Madness of Fear - A History of Catatonia book coverThe Madness of Fear: A History of Catatonia

By Edward Shorter & Max Fink

  • Presents a unique account of the history of catatonia, an illness that has long been covered from view under other diagnoses
  • Clears up misconceptions to give readers an accurate understanding ofwhat catatonia is, its symptoms, and its treatments

Catatonia is a human behavioral syndrome that for almost a century was buried in the poorly designated psychiatric concept of schizophrenia. Its symptoms are well-known, and some of them are serious. So why has there been so little psychiatric interest in catatonia? In The Madness of Fear, Drs. Shorter and Fink seek to understand why this “vast field of ignorance” exists.

In the history of catatonia, they see a remarkable story about how medicine flounders, and then seems to find its way. And it may help doctors, and the public, to recognize catatonia as one of the core illnesses in psychiatry.

Paperback | 9780190881191 | Published June 2018 | 224 pages

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