Mission and Goals

Our long-term goal is initially to advance knowledge of catatonia and related conditions, in all aspects. Among these are to provide:

  • awareness,
  • information on its occurrence and treatment,
  • and to provide a moderated discussion forum for families and professionals to share experiences.

Specific objectives designed to advance these goals include:

Initially and minimally, develop an active website providing:

  1. Basic clinical information for physicians and families such as diagnostic criteria, treatment options, risks of under-recognition and under-treatment.
  2. An active, moderated and edited “blog” or discussion forum for both physicians and families, centering on clinical problems and experiences.
  3. A periodically updated review of recent literature on catatonia and related conditions.
  4. Information on institutions with “experts” who are knowledgeable about recognizing and treating catatonia who are willing to be listed as contacts for treatment.
  5. Links to classic articles, rating scales, and treatment algorithms.
  6. Video vignettes of actual patients who display catatonic signs and symptoms.
  7. Downloadable, brief informational sheet for emergency room treatment and workup.

Future Development Goals [pending support from future donations]:

  1. A hotline of consultants willing to be called for clinical advice
  2. A telemedicine service whereby an expert would assist remote physicians in examining patients. If there is no billing envisioned, and the expert is assisting the remote physician examine the patient, then out-of-state restrictions on medical practice may be avoided.
  3. Sponsorship of local one-day conference on catatonia, with physician and family presentations
  4. Sponsorship of national conference on catatonia, possibly in conjunction with national psychiatric association meetings, e.g., in the evening during APA week
  5. Funding for clinical studies on biology and treatment for catatonia