When students with accessibility needs enroll in a course that features CATME Peer Evaluations – “a behaviorally anchored peer evaluation”, an alternate version of the evaluation would need to be provided to those students since CATME Peer Evaluations does not currently pass WCAG standards for accessibility. For more information, please contact the Penn State IT Accessibility Group.

The following information is provided as an Alternate Access Plan (AAP) or a “Plan B” for accessibility accommodations when using CATME Peer Evaluations. This AAP was designed as a temporary solution until the CATME developers make all of the required changes to accommodate students with accessibility needs.

For the purpose of this AAP, we’ll be using CATME to refer to CATME Peer Evaluations. The scope of this AAP will not cover the CATME Team-Maker tool or other CATME tools. Please refer to the “Faculty Info” page for more information.

The proposed solution calls for the use of two evaluations for each peer evaluation assignment. One evaluation is built in CATME and the other is a customized Qualtrics survey that mirrors the default question sets in CATME as close as is possible while prioritizing accessibility functionality. After all of the data has been gathered, the Qualtrics data would need to be merged with the CATME results for a complete picture that includes all of the students’ feedback.


Please see the Faculty Info page for CATME instructions.

The recommendation is to use the CATME tool for as many students as possible. This approach makes it easier to submit responses and view the data.

With the CATME evaluation set up for the class, you'll now need to setup an accessible version of the evaluation for students with accommodation needs.

  1. Download the template of the alternate evaluation built using Qualtrics
  2. Import the template into your own Qualtrics account
  3. Distribute the alternate Qualtrics evaluation to the target student(s)

You may need to request a Qualtrics license in order to distribute your own surveys. Click on this link for more information.

Manually merge the Qualtrics results into the exported CATME evaluation results to obtain final evaluation scores.

  1. Export finalized results (Excel spreadsheet) from CATME
    1. From your Summary screen in CATME, click on the View Results button next to the survey you would like to view
    2. Click on the View Raw Data button
    3. Click on the Export to CSV button
  2. Export results from alternate Qualtrics evaluation
  3. Copy-and-paste alternate Qualtrics evaluation data into downloaded CATME Data spreadsheet
  4. Review the data for patterns and determine appropriate grades for each individual based on the survey results and other data points gathered throughout the semester from other sources (past performance, emails, etc.)