Day 1: May 11th Diving Right In

Post by Collin Kelly

Needless to say, on the first day of our adventure in Peru, all 16 of us were anxious for what was to come. For me personally, being older than my fellow undergrads and having a much different life history than most, my greatest fear being in this foreign country was actually focused on fitting in with this group of people that I would spend the next 10 days with. I knew it would make or break the experience for me, and while I was nervous to see how things would pan out, I was confident that this feeling would soon fade and the trip would be a success. Luckily, it did not take long for our group to break these barriers and get to know each other much better.

We were given freedom to wander the city of Lima for the majority of the day and night, and when faced with this freedom, definite decisions on what to do with this free time were hard to come by. It seemed that we all wanted to do everything, but had no idea where to start. Being that I’m always hungry, the decision for me was obvious; I needed food in my belly ASAP. After 10 minutes of exchanging money and debating the routes we would all take, final decisions were made and we split into two groups, one went towards the beach, while the other sought out food. Based on Denice’s tireless 5-star recommendations to go to “La Lucha” we set our sights on the “to die for” Lucuma shakes that were served at this small cafe-restaurant. While some may enjoy this creamy, orange substance, the majority of us were able to bond over how terrible we thought it was.

Further bonding came later that night as we got our first tastes of a different Peruvian drink, the  Pisco Sour, which received a much more positive response. Sounds of laughter and good conversation could be heard emanating from our dinner table as the sun set over the horizon, capping off our first of many great days in Peru.


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