Day 2: May 12th Traveling to Cusco, Sacred Valley, Aguas Calientes

Post by Bree Guy

Cusco was definitely what I was expecting when arriving in Peru. The city is full with beautiful culture and history and I was so excited to explore the city more. We also got to finally meet Edwin, whom I liked to call our ultimate guide because he not only shared the history of Peru with us in great detail, he also was able to work and help us in the field and serve as a translator for us, allowing us to experience many of the customs of the Peruvian people. I am so grateful to have had that because many people don’t get that kind of experience why traveling.


On this day we got to travel to Cusco and go to Ollantaytambo, which was one of our first journeys back into Inca history. It was amazing being able to see the ancient infrastructure of the Inca’s and learn more about them. They were so smart in the way that they did things. They built their cities to stand forever and we got to see that first hand and in person when we visited Ollantaytambo today.

They took great care with building their empire, piecing together stones that they carried from many kilometers away, like a puzzle that was made to withstand even the severest of earthquakes. You could clearly see what the Inca’s and the pre-Incas built versus the Spaniards who had come and invaded the Inca empire. The old versus the new but in this case the old being much better. The Inca’s created these beautiful masterpieces that we were able to see all over Peru throughout our time there and I am very thankful to have been able to experience that. I felt the history as we stood at Ollantaytambo and the other places we visited. I was standing where the Inca’s once stood, worked and lived. It’s truly incredible.





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