Day 9 May 19th From Ausangate to Cusco

Post by Yuying Ren

Today, all field works are finished. I got up with good emotions; I think everyone did as well. I’ll miss these field days and although I complained so much… I look back at what we did and feel so proud! Doing fieldwork on elevations over 4000 meters is really a life achievement. Also, Denice says we are the only student research group “visiting” the bofedals in Ausangate Mountains. That makes me really want to show off to my friends.

Ausangate Mountains are so beautiful! We drove up to the highest point on the highway. Over the top of the mountains are thick clouds, which migrated from the Amazon rainforest. I cannot image how different the view is on the other side of the mountain; it’s totally a different world. If you are not here, you can never know how amazing the nature is and how strong the people living here are.

Thanks for my team, I couldn’t make it without you guys. Teamwork really matters. There were plenty of times when I wanted to give up when hiking back to the bus from the bofedal…. It was you guys who kept me going and encouraged me, you guys that stimulated me.

When back in Cusco, I felt like I was back home. And at the same time, we started to say goodbye to the people who stayed with us during these days. Bye Edwin, thanks for bringing us to the Inca world. You are the best instructor; it’s hard to take care of 10 “kids” during fieldwork day, but you were like a father to us. Bye Nico, you were the best driver we had. You definitely had the best driving skills on those cliffs. Bye Ausangate Lodge, thanks for the food, fireplace, deer, and dogs. There are a lot of memories we made in the living room by the fire. Last but not least, thanks Denice and Mike for providing us such a good opportunity to know the world. Love you, CAUSE 2017.

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