Paige’s Alaska Photos

August 10th: The view from my flight out of Juneau. We flew over many ice fields and you would practically see the ice flowing with your own eyes. I could see the scenery come to life beneath me.

August 9th: One last visit to Mendenhall Glacier, featuring artwork from Juneau-native artists at Alaskan Robotics.

August 7th: A view of the “fish ladder” which allowed salmon to “climb up” to the hatchery they were born at. There were so many fish in this area and they were flopping out of the water all over the place!

August 6th: A beautiful sunset viewed from the comfort of our own cabin.

August 6th: The view of the treetops from the last wetland we probed.

August 2nd: Bree and I pose with an “Ice Limit” sign while hiking to the Mendenhall Glacier. As meteorology majors, we’re always discussing climate change and its effect on our planet, its eye-opening to see it in person!

August 5th: The CAUSE crew relaxes on Eagle beach after a long day of field work. Sunset (and “golden hour”) lasts for about 2-3 hours in the Alaskan summer, to the photographers delight.

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