Marjorie’s Alaska Photos

Here, Marjorie is retrieving samples from each identified horizon in the soil pit. Horizons are distinguishable changes in the soil across a depth. These changes can vary from texture, to color, to the number and size of the roots in each layer/horizon.

Rocking muddy, red muck boots and hands at a Palustrine Forested Wetland (PFO) site.

Pictured here is Marjorie attempting to retrieve a soil core in a Palustrine Scrub Shrub (PSS) wetland site, which is no easy task.

Marjorie (middle) representing the Society of Environmental Systems Engineers (SESE) while digging a soil pit. Standing to the left with the shovel is Zach, and standing to the right is Colin.

Yuying (left), Marjorie (middle), and Shannon (right) amid their excitement over touching Mendenhall Glacier.

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