Yuying’s Alaska Photos

The Sunset in Eagle Beach. We had a wonderful dinner that day, and after the dinner, Denice and Mike drove us to the beach for a walk. There are lots of dog tail’s grass and wild flowers. I put my camera close to the ground and was able to capture this beautiful view.

This is a cave under the Mendenhall Glacier. Entering the cave was like entering another world. Small waterfalls are everywhere in the cave, and here you can truly experience the impacts of climate changes. I was shocked when I was there, and realized that if we did nothing to stop climate changes, in a few years the glacier will melt completely.

This picture was taken when we were hiking on a cliff at the Mendenhall Glacier trail. This cliff is the steepest I’ve ever climbed. Although it was hard for me to climb, making it to the top was worth the struggle. Kyle, Even, Bree, Shannon, and Courtney are in this photo.

Courtney helped me take this photo in Mendenhall Glacier trail. The background shows the edge of Mendenhall Glacier. The bare rock exposures are evidences of glacial recession.

Sunset in Junea, AK. I took this picture in front of our cabin.

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