August 1st: Travel to Alaska

Kyle Sherbine

I arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport around 7:00 am, even though my flight did not leave
until after 10:00 am. As I boarded my flight, it finally hit me that I was really going to Alaska. I
sat next to a window and when the airplane began its ascent, I knew this trip was going to be as
great as the trip to Peru. I sat there looking out the window and thinking of all the memories
from Peru. It was a time to reflect on what has already happened, and a time to imagine what
was still to come.

One of the many perks of having a window seat.

The flight from Pittsburgh to Detroit was less than an hour. The layover in Detroit was one of the highlights of my travel day. As I walked through the airport, proudly wearing one of my many Penn State hoodies, I received numerous looks from people wearing Michigan clothing. Over the span of my two-hour layover, I received more dirty looks and snarky comments than I could count. I was ecstatic to board my next flight and leave Michigan!

When I arrived in Seattle, I became impatient. I had a four-hour layover, and I knew that more than half of my fellow students would be on the same flight to Juneau. I had at least two hours before anyone else would be at the gate. I sat there working on my laptop when finally, I saw a familiar face. First Evan arrived at the gate, then Shannon and Yuying. Later, we were joined by Bree, Colin and Paul. We all gazed at our tickets to see if anyone sat in the same row as us or if we were sitting near anyone. I found out that I was sitting directly in front of Colin. I slept during the entire flight, but once the airplane landed, we had about 20 minutes to talk and catch
up before we could walk off the plane.
After about 16 hours of traveling, I was finally in Juneau, Alaska. My second great adventure
with these people was about to begin.

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