Meet the Class!


Bree is currently a junior who is studying Meteorology with a minor in Theatre. Besides her studies, Bree is involved with many different organizations on campus. She is the Tour Director for the Student Minority Advisory Recruitment Team, Benefitting chair for the Donor and Alumni Relations 2017 THON committee, Secretary for Wonderlust theatre company, member of ServeState: Students for Philanthropy, member of PSU Chase and a member of the National Honors Society of Collegiate scholars. She loves Penn State and being involved. She loves to read, watch movies, travel, and bike. She is very excited for this next adventure with CAUSE! She is eager to learn all that she can from this program and plans on working hard along with her fellow classmates in exploring and discovering new things.


I’m a sophomore pursuing a degree in Geography with a specialty in GIS. I’ve also served 5 years in the active duty Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst and continue to do so in the Air National Guard. A lot of my past experience and interest in the field of geography has to do with performing spatial analysis using physical maps as well as mapping software to determine why something is doing what it is doing, and what will happen next. I feel like this perfectly fits with CAUSE 2017 because the research that we will be conducting is very much focused on change. I hope to be able to contribute to the analysis of these potential changes to determine what the future might hold for the regions of Peru and Alaska.


Courtney Rome is a Junior in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences majoring in Human Geography with a minor is Energy, Business, and Finance. Outside her job at the East Dining Commons, she enjoys performing improv with her troupe Full Ammo and recycling and practicing sustainability with the Eco-Reps. She is so excited to travel and collaborate with these talented individuals.


My name is Evan Plumridge, and I am a junior majoring in Environmental Systems Engineering from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. I am incredibly excited to have been accepted in the CAUSE program and cannot wait to learn and experience everything it has to offer. Spending most of my time outside as a child and playing with the other kids in my neighborhood had a drastic impression on me, and helps explain why I chose my major and the environmentally conscious choices I currently make today. Saying this, I have gained an intense desire to study the environment and the effects humans have on it. Discovering how our Earth is changing has made me want to devote my time into reversing our impacts and hopefully reach out to spread knowledge of our environment. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching “The Office”, and hiking!


Ian Wolfe is a junior Geoscience Major from Wayne, PA. Ian is interested in large-scale processes of the Earth and is always looking for an opportunity to do field work. Ian is involved with an A Cappella group called The Coda Conduct where they will be competing in the 2017 International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella. Ian is also involved in THON through his special interest organization, Springfield, and his OPPerations committee. He enjoys hiking and sports and never passes up an opportunity to play music.


My name is Kyle Sherbine, and I am a junior majoring in geobiology. I am from Beaver, Pennsylvania. In high school I worked as a crew leader at Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. I have played the clarinet for over 10 years, and I have participated in concert band and campus band here at Penn State. I have been an undergraduate TA for the economics department for four semesters. For one semester, I was an assistant TA in a biology lab, and next fall I hope to be a full-time TA in that lab. After I complete my undergraduate degree, I plan on attending medical school.


I am currently a junior majoring in Environmental Systems Engineering in the College of Earth & Mineral Sciences at Penn State. I’m also planning on minoring in German, which is mostly due for my love of the language and the time I’ve spend in Germany as an exchange student. International relations are crucial, especially concerning the worldwide adaptation of climate change; in the case of climate change, every decision has an outcome that spreads globally. Additionally, I’m an active member of the society of Environmental Systems Engineers and am involved in the student council of the College of Earth & Mineral Sciences. During my free time, I play tennis with friends and enjoy reading books in Cafes as well.


My name is Paige Campbell and I’m currently a junior double-majoring in Meteorology and Astrophysics. After graduating from Penn State I plan on moving on to grad school to further my education. I’m very excited to be a part of CAUSE this year; I’m especially looking forward to traveling and getting my hands dirty in some field work. Experiencing some of the most direct affects of climate change in person, such as retreating glaciers, will be a very eye-opening experience. I’m looking forward to collecting and analyzing my own data on such an important and current topic.


Hi! I’m Paul Stoudt, currently a junior at Penn State University majoring in Material Science and Engineering. CAUSE 2017 is my first opportunity to be a part of undergraduate research, and I couldn’t be more excited. Within material science, my interest lies in nanotechnology and it’s biomedical applications. Outside of school I love to spend my time cooking, learning about history, and building computers. I’ve just become acting Public Relations officer of PSU’s Clown Nose Club. At the very least I want to broaden my scope with this program, and to see the world in a different light.


Hi! My name is Shannon Stellato and I am a junior majoring in Energy Engineering! I am originally from Long Island, NY, but recently moved to Ponte Vedra, FL. Beyond the classroom, I am very involved with the Penn State Dance Marathon. This is my second year as the Canning and Donor Outreach Director for our College’s THON organization and it has truly shaped my college experience! Outside of school I love spending my time exploring and trying new things! I was so excited to find out that I had been accepted into the CAUSE 2017 program and cannot wait for what lies ahead! During this course I want to take advantage of all the opportunities it presents to me that my normal classes do not. I hope to share what I learn throughout this next year to support the switch from conventional methods of producing energy to renewable energy sources. Climate change is happening and we need to act now.


My name is Zachary Czuprynski, and I am a junior studying geoscience with a minor in math. I am fascinated by glacial and volcanic processes, but also the beauty of these structures. My other academic interests are focused on renewable energy, sustainability, and tackling problems posed by climate change. I am excited to be working with the CAUSE program because it aligns with my interests and will help me develop critical skills required to be an effective scientist. In my free time I read philosophy, play racquetball, and go running or hiking.

Yuying (Cathy)

I’m Yuying Ren. I’m from Beijing, China. I have been in Penn State for 3 years, and my major is Geography GIS option. For my interests, I also minor Geoscience and Economics. I love traveling. Seeing and feeling different landscapes and cultures makes me feel fresh and passionate to the world. My favorite place is Alaska. I feel that the nature gives everything to that amazing land. Dancing is another important thing in my life. I started learning Chinese dance when I was 4 years old. I also have tried ballet and jazz. Different kinds of dance say different things about their cultures. I really enjoy learning cultures from dance. This summer will be my first time traveling to South America. I hope I can be more open to the new land and make more friends.

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