Here are our latest updates from the team. Remember to head over to the categories on the right to keep more up to date!

  • Spring Crowdfunding Campaign
    Happy Monday everybody! With your huge contributions last semester to our fundraiser, we’ve been able to get ourselves race-ready for competition in May at Michigan SAE. Now we need to get travel-ready! We’re taking our team leads, a few team members, the car and equipment to competition for a week meaning a week of rental…
  • Fuel Tank
    It has arrived! Our custom fuel tank from boydwelding.com has arrived at the lab. Excellent pick from our very own Dallas Paxton and fantastic quality from Boyd Welding.
  • Tires Mounted!
    Tires are all mounted up and ready to go! Great work Matt Rudy, our Powertrain Team Lead, for mounting the tires.
  • United States Cold Storage
    Thank you to United States Cold Storage, Inc. for supporting our team. United States Cold Storage is dedicated to being the leader in providing highly reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions to the frozen and refrigerated food industry, giving their customers the competitive edge they need to succeed in the ever-changing business environment.
  • Wheel Assembly
    Our 3D printed mockup wheel assembly fitting inside of the Keizer wheels!
  • Keizer Wheels
    We are starting off the morning right! Our Keizer 10i Forged Billet Aluminum Wheels have arrived from the great folks over at K2W Precision, Inc.
  • Chassis Welding Complete!
    The 2018 Chassis is together! Great work Cory Kovalchik, Drew Saienni, Cody Mackanick, Jacob Srock, and the rest of the Chassis Team! Thank you to everyone who supported us through our crowdfunding campaign! Without you this would not have been possible!
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Results
    A total of $1,405.00 was raised through our crowdfunding campaign! With the funds raised, we can go ahead and start purchasing parts for the electronics, chassis, and manufacturing materials. We appreciate the support from our friends and family, and this will bring the students of Formula SAE at Penn State Harrisburg one step closer to…