Writing a Book: Slow, Slow, Progress

Let me preface this post with some good…ish news: I have not quite met my goals from my first post yet, but, I have made some progress that has shown me where I want to take this novel.

As of today, I have completed almost all of chapter three. As I said in my last posts, I have been aiming to make this chapter longer than the previous two, allowing my story to start taking shape. In this chapter, Commissioner Howell returns to the police station, and begins dealing with all of the press surrounding Jennifer’s brutal murder. In this chapter, we meet his secretary, Madison Yates. We also meet the short-tempered Mayor of Atlanta, GA, Robert Jacoby. His temper comes out when Howell tells him that they have no leads on the case, and there is no positive news to tell the press.

While writing this chapter, I realized how oddly detailed I want this novel, Perspectives, to be. For instance, I have already been incredibly detailed with the time of day that events occur. I would like to continue this detail into every aspect of this novel. Also, much like a film director aims to shoot from different angles, providing new outlooks on a scene, I want to create that effect for the reader through words. I think this will prove very challenging, but if I continue on my vein of extreme detail, I think this goal should be attainable.

Now, to the not-book-related way I feel while taking on this project. My life has been incredibly busy these past couple weeks. I think the fact that I am writing this blog post at 2:05 am on Thursday morning is evidence enough of my packed schedule these past few weeks. As a result, I have not had nearly as much time to think about, let alone write this book. Something I have realized, however, is how much of a stress relief this project is. I have to set deadlines for myself, but it is just that: Set by myself, for myself. This project is my way of expressing my thoughts, and telling a story that I think is worth telling. This process has been incredibly cathartic. I have had the dark thoughts of this serial killer in my mind for over a year (I promise this is by no means suggesting I have considered being a serial killer), and now I am finally expelling them from my mind, and putting them on the page. I love having time to sit down and write this book, and if you, the reader, need a new tactic to battle stress, I highly recommend something creative. It does not need to be writing a novel, just something outside of your normal daily routine that gets you thinking about a world you imagine.

All that being said, I need to really start carving out time for this project. So, in the next week, I truly hope to meet my preliminary goal. I will finish chapter three, and write chapter four, as well as have a concrete representation of the direction I want this book to take, as well as the elements I would like it to have. Hopefully I have some more substance to tell you all next week!

2 thoughts on “Writing a Book: Slow, Slow, Progress

  1. Makenzie A Coduti

    Hey man, progress is progress. Again, your book sounds really great so far. I would love to read it once you finish it. I’m also glad you found some creative stress relief, that’s basically what my entire blog is on, so yay! I’d say just keep going. If you happen to encounter some writers block or you get too busy to write, don’t sweat it. Progress is progress. I’m so excited to hear what develops over the week, great job!

  2. Emma Bell Schwendeman

    I find it really admirable that you truly care about this book you are writing. In honesty, I am jealous that you are taking the initiative to write this book. While it may seem as if this writing process may never end for you however, I think each week you are definitely making strides. This is not a sprint to get this done and since you truly care about the story, it should require more time to think out the details you want to include. The addition of Madison Yates and the mayor is something I find interesting. What are they like? How are they included in the plot? Hopefully, when this book is done, I could get a copy and read it in its entirety. Keep up the good work!

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