Writing a Book: Back on the Horse

I have some incredible news this week. I put words down on the virtual page this week! How many, you ask? 695 words have left my head and been put down into the story. I am so incredibly excited that I made some physical progress on the book this week, and I apologize if the beginning of this post seems a little giddy. I finally had time to sit down (well lie down) and write, and it was an amazing feeling to see words flow out of my head again. So many ideas have been bouncing around in my head recently, and I cannot stress how good it feels to have some of them out. It drives me crazy some days. I cannot sit still, I cannot keep quiet, and I get really agitated when I have all of these ideas floating around in my head, and it is such a weight off of my shoulders to write again.

So, what did I write about? Well, when we left off, we learned of Jacoby’s troubles in the past election after his opponent, Herschel Gallagher, exposed Jacoby’s affair to the public during campaign season. However, using skillful rhetoric and slimy maneuvering, Jacoby was able to turn Gallagher’s smear campaign on its head, and win the election in one of the largest margins of victory in the history of Atlanta. Along with his skillful wordsmithing, Jacoby also brought forth an all-encompassing stimulus package nicknamed, “Joblanta.” In this package, Jacoby promised over ten thousand jobs for the people of Atlanta. I know, what an incredibly lofty promise to make. However, Jacoby has an incredibly successful track record, and the people of Atlanta, especially those who are unemployed, have a newfound love for him.

How will “Joblanta” create so many jobs? It works by pumping massive amounts of funding into bringing Atlanta to the forefront of innovation. Schools, libraries, banks, hospitals, you name it, are being renovated. This creates thousands of construction jobs, and also allows for more jobs to be created in these areas of the economy. More teachers and doctors and stock brokers, etc. can be hired in Atlanta, and soon, it becomes a city of the future. Efforts will be made to make Atlanta a “Green City,” and the economy will flourish.

This stimulus package is great for the one and only John Usher. He is known as one of the most successful architects in the history of Atlanta, and now that so many buildings are going to be redone or built brand new, he and his firm will be receiving a lot of work in the next few years. However, John must focus on his current project, renovating the public library. In this section, we begin to learn what John’s signature architectural style is. John does not like to mix styles in buildings. He keeps his straight buildings straight, and his round buildings round. However, he likes to make the architecture speak for what the building contains. So, he is breaking his rule of “monotony,” and will be combining curves and straight lines in the library. Also, he hopes to find a way to make some spaces look completely different from different angles, capturing the ability books have to teach many different lessons to¬†different readers.

So, that is what I have written thus far. Next up is John’s preparation for his date with Angela. I cannot wait to write more, and let you know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Writing a Book: Back on the Horse

  1. Emma Bell Schwendeman

    I am thrilled that you are back to it again! The excitement that you have about when you write is fantastic; I hope you get that way every time you finish just even a paragraph in regards to your book. The story line seems to fall into place a lot more week by week. I was curious though, since Kenzie is doing this, if you were possibly going to continue blogging on your book. I know that might not sound thrilling for you, but I feel that by posting each week about your improvements on the book that it has helped you in your creative outlet. It is a thought to think about, but overall, I have enjoyed reading your blog. Can’t wait for next week!

  2. Makenzie A Coduti

    This sounds incredible thus far! I’m glad you were able to continue writing. Writer’s block is probably one of the most annoying things, especially when you are just filled to the brim with ideas. The level of detail you’ve seemed to have put into the book is fantastic and sounds like something I’d definitely read! I’m super excited to hear more about the progress of your book, great post! (Side note: have you thought of starting a different blog or keeping this one running to track your progress? I know our blogs end after next week and I’d love to continue hearing about your progress!)

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