Website Wednesdays!

I’m trying to be better about updating, so I’m introducing Website Wednesdays! Each week, I’ll update something on the website. This week: new versions of the habitable zones (in terms of stellar temperature and insolation). The distance plots are still a little out of date, but I’ll get to them – maybe next Wednesday.


…also, my Erdos number is at most 7. *the more you know!*

Kepler Discoveries are awesome

So, there’s a new planet in town, and I’ve got the newest Habitable Zone plot for it! Head over to images, and take a look at that sweet Earth cousin, Kepler 186f!

Some changes around here…

It’s about time, isn’t it? I’ve added an image tab (see it up there?) where I’ve deposited a few of the more recent images I’ve cobbled together for Ravi. Feel free to browse and borrow!

New Things!

So, I’m putting together a website. Finally. Hopefully, it’ll shape up some more in the future!