General Membership


Department of Art History

  • Madhuri Desai, Associate Professor, Asian Architecture, Urbanism and Art including South Asian, Colonial and Post-Colonial, Islamic
  • Elizabeth Mansfield, Dept. Head, 18th and 19th Century Art
  • Amara Solari, Associate Professor, Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin American Art and Architecture
  • Robin Thomas, Associate Professor, Renaissance, Baroque & Rococo Architecture and Urbanism
  • Daniel Zolli, Assistant Professor, Early Modern European Art

Department of English

  • Hester Blum, Associate Professor of English, Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature and Culture, Transnational and Oceanic Studies
  • Claire M. L. Bourne, Assistant Professor of English
  • Robert L. Caserio, Professor Emeritus of English, English and American Novels, Literary History and Literary Theory, Gay and Lesbian Literary Traditions
  • Chris Castiglia, Liberal Arts Research Professor, Nineteenth- Century American Novel; Theories of Nationalism and Democracy; Queer Theory; Sexuality and Gender Studies
  • Claire Colebrook, Professor of English
  • Sean X. Goudie, Associate Professor and Director, Center for American Literary Studies, Early and Nineteenth-Century American Literary Studies, Caribbean Literature and Culture, and Hemispheric Studies
  • Robert Hume, Professor of English
  • David Loewenstein, Professor of English
  • Carla J. Mulford, Professor of English, Early Modern, American, Native American, Early African American, and Environmental Studies
  • Marcy North, Associate Professor of English, Renaissance; Book History, Manuscript Culture, and Lyric Poetry
  • Steele Nowlin, Assistant Teaching Professor of English, Medieval Studies
  • Brendan Prawdzik, Assistant Teaching Professor of English, Renaissance Studies
  • Scott Smith, Associate Professor of English
  • Garrett Sullivan, Professor of English, Renaissance Drama, Early Modern English Literature and Culture

Department of Comparative Literature

  • Patrick Cheney, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
  • Caroline Eckhart, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
  • Robert R. Edwards, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
  • Kelly Lehtonen, Assistant Teaching Professor of English, Medieval Studies

Department of French and Francophone Studies

  • Jennifer Boittin, Associate Professor, French History 1750 – Present; Race and Gender
  • Christine Clark-Evans, Associate Professor, 16th and 18th century French Literature, Poetics and Rhetoric; Diderot and the novel; Medicine and Science
  • Tracy Rutler, Assistant Professor of French and Women’s Studies
  • Jean-Claude Vuillemin, Professor, 17th century French Literature and Philosophy; Baroque Aesthetics, Semiotics of Drama and Theater Theory; Intellectual History

Department of German and Slavic Languages & Literatures

  • Daniel Purdy, Professor, German Intellectual History, Consumer Culture, Fashion, Architecture, Orientalism, Cosmopolitanism, Goethe

Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

  • Mary Barnard, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Bob Blue, Professor of Spanish
  • Michele Rossi, Assistant Teaching Professor of Italian
  • Sherry Roush, Professor, Medieval and Renaissance Italian Literature and Culture

Department of History

  • David Atwill, Associate Professor, Late Imperial and Modern Chinese History, Ethno-Religious Identity of Muslim Chinese (or Hui)
  • Jyoti Balachandran, Assistant Professor, Islamic South Asia
  • Kathlene Baldanza, Associate Professor, History of Late Imperial China, especially Ming Dynasty
  • Daniel Beaver, Associate Professor, Early Modern British History, popular politics and religion
  • Martha Few, Professor, Colonial Latin American History, Medicine and Public Health, Ethnohistory, Gender and Sexuality, Human-Animal Studies.
  • Jens-Uwe Guettel, Associate Professor, German and U.S. History
  • Ronnie Hsia, Edwin Earle Sparks Professor, History of Protestant Reformation, Catholic Renewal, Anti-Semitism, encounters between Europe and Asia
  • Jacob Lee, Assistant Professor of History, Colonial America
  • On-cho Ng, Professor, Intellectual History of Late Imperial China (16th – early 19th century); Confucianism
  • Matthew Restall, Edwin Earle Sparks Professor, Colonial Latin American History, Specialization in Colonial Yucatan, Mexico, Maya history, Spanish Conquest and Africans in Spanish America
  • Nina Safran, Associate Professor, History of Islamic world, with a focus on Al-Andalus (Islamic Iberia); Political Ideology, Culture; Law; Historiography and Religious Conversion
  • Kathryn Salzer, Professor in Medieval Studies
  • Gregory Smits, Associate Professor, Social and Cultural History of Japan, 15th – early 20th centuries; History of the Ryukyu Kingdom
  • Miaosi Zhang- Graduate Student

School of Music

  • Marica Tacconi, Professor, Music History, Art, Culture and Politics of Medieval and Renaissance Italy
  • Mark Ferraguto, Associate Professor of Musicology  <, Music and Culture of 18th and 19th Century Europe

Department of Philosophy

  • Uygar Abaci, Assistant Professor of Early Modern Philosophy
  • Emily Grosholz, Professor of Philosophy,, English, African American Studies

Graduate Students