Research Projects

The Center will explore the complex factors that influence decision-making on stormwater management practices in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed through a series of five concurrent and complementary research projects, each focusing on a different component of green infrastructure implementation. By studying why these decisions are made at different levels of government, the Center will better understand the measures that must be taken to increase installation of green infrastructure and promote adoption of healthy water management practices, in order to restore and preserve the Chesapeake Bay.

Barriers to Adoption of Green Infrastructural Solutions

What prevents the adoption of green infrastructure measures for stormwater management? How can these obstacles to improved stormwater management be overcome?

Green Infrastructure Design and Visualization

Computer visualization tools can contribute to research into human perceptions about green infrastructure and stormwater management.  The availability of visualizations of green infrastructure practices, sometimes presented as interactive game-like exploration,  can improve understanding and ultimately influence decision making about these topics.

Hydrologic Water Quality Modeling

Hydrologic and water quality modeling research will address how green infrastructure approaches to stormwater management, such as source control, infiltration enhancement and rainwater harvesting, can be expected to improve receiving waters and retain pollutants onsite.

Non-hydrological Benefits and Citizen Preference

Adoption of green infrastructure to manage stormwater may be impeded by a lack of knowledge of the non-hydrological benefits that green infrastructure can provide. The non-hydrological benefits research will identify and quantify citizen demand for these amenities from green infrastructure to increase decision makers’ awareness of citizen preferences.

State-of-the-Practice of Stormwater Engineering in the Chesapeake Bay

The experience and decisions of engineers and regulators is directly tied to the implementation and success of green infrastructure practices. This research looks to understand what design guidelines and tools are used to predict water quality and performance of stormwater control practices.

Public Engagement and Outreach

The public engagement and outreach component provides a
highly effective mechanism for providing Projects 1- 4 (above) with input and feedback from decision makers who are actively confronted with choices at various scales related to green infrastructure and stormwater management.
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