Cognitive and Institutional Barriers to the Adoption of Green Infrastructure

 Lead Investigator: Dr. Barbara Gray
Team Members: Dr. Stuart Echols, Mr. Matt Royer,
Professor Brian Orland, Dr. Richard Ready

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Seeks to understand the cognitive and institutional barriers that currently prevent the adoption of innovative green infrastructure solutions for stormwater management, and to identify ways in which those barriers can be overcome. (more…)


We learned about cognitive and institutional barriers firsthand from a wide variety of stakeholders, conducting over 30 interviews with 40 different stakeholders involved in stormwater decision making. (more…)


Research revealed a total of nine frames representing different cognitive barriers to green infrastructure adoption, and four additional institutional barriers to adoption, and three practical barriers. These barriers convey opposition and resistance to regulation of stormwater, regulatory complexities and challenges, stormwater management as both a source of conflict and reflective of positive benefits, and a recognition of the technical complexities of stormwater management and lack of public understanding. (more…)


Six recommendations are made for overcoming these barriers, centered around green infrastructure technical training, regional watershed planning, regulatory and permitting streamlining, and public outreach and education. (more…)

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