The Sichuan Series: Shui Zhu Yu ( 水煮魚)

Your tongue is mellltingggg!!! MELLLTTINGGG…!


Shui means water. Zhu means boil. Yu means fish. Water boiled fish…sounds bland…but BOOM. Here comes the spicy stew that will melt your tongue off…literally.

This dish is perhaps one of the most famous dishes from the Sichuan province, eaten often during Chinese New Year’s (my favorite holiday…for obvious reason). What’s also obvious is that this dish be sparklin’ with flavor. This dish contains the tender, juicy bites of white fish swimming in a stew of hot ponds of chili oil, minced garlic, sprinkles of green onions, and, prepare yourself, the killer, “hujiao”. These are the infamous Sichuan peppercorns that make the inside of your mouths numb…AHHH!! Yes numb. I’ve happened to have felt this sensation many times after unfortunately biting right onto a darn lil’ peppercorn, and the transformation begins. The tongue begins to tingle, and all sensation is lost, as the rest of the mouth begins to tingle and vibrate in an eccentric effect, but the spice from the stew is still so sharp that the tongue sweats. The power combination of numbness and chills and extreme spice sounds painful, but it’s complete bliss. Mix in this stew and fish with a nice bowl of jasmine rice, and it’s heaven in a bowl. Even better, add in some noodles; it’s whatever you make it to be! Mix and match, slurp and spoon, this dish is surely a catch!

Can you guys handle the heat? If not, get out of my kitchen!


JUST KIDDING COME BACK! There are more dishes to come that are a little more mild. Are there any dishes you’ve been wondering about? Or do you want me to uncover special rice dishes or interesting noodle dishes? What types of foods do you want me to prepare? Because baby, I will cook it up just for you 😉


Song du jour: “The Final Episode” by Asking Alexandria… *

You’ll be screaming “OH MY GOD” by the end of this dish. 100% guaranteed. But hopefully not in pain, like this song may suggest…

*Sarah Chang might not enjoy the song at all, but simply makes it the Song du jour because it fits with the dish in certain aspects.

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  1. Sarah Summers says:

    Alright, Sarah, I can’t tolerate spicy food. Like, at all. When I go to the Indian restaurant and they ask what spice level I want, I say “Zero. Really really mild. None.” But, all this food looks delicious, so I’m looking forward to those more mild dishes!

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