Shanghai Series: : Crispy Green Onion Pancakes, or Scallion Pancakes (蔥油餅)



Do you live on da streets? More specifically, do you live on da streets of China? If yes, 给我你的猫. If not, let me take you to da streets…shawty! ( And more importantly, let me introduce you to the famous Chinese street delicacies. Here, we travel to the beautiful city of Shanghai, a perfect fusion of old and new China, and a perfect place to get fat. Get fat with these crispy-pancake like treats, but instead of IHOP, think more Indian Naan. These Scallion Pancakes are fried right on a hot oiled pan in the middle of da streets and handed out to people here and there and everywhere! The oil sizzles in a frenzy of fresh fried aroma as the gooey dough filled with a wonderful balance of salt and cut up scallion green onions turns into a crispy yet chewy confection of perfection. Street food in China is the best, quick foods sometimes, and it’s also the shadiest, but it’s a proven fact that shady is a-okay! (Shady Chinese food is the best Chinese food). Be careful though. I can tell you from experience that sickness is not uncommon…..BUT BE REAL, the delicious taste is WORTH IT. These pancakes are an any-time, any-day type of food. Eat it during breakfast…it is called a pancake, or just eat it as an appetizer, as a snack, as a dessert, use it as a taco, a tortilla, a pizza, a Frisbee, as anything you want it to be!! Diversity is delicious.

Song du jour: Lost by Frank Ocean

“Lost, lost in the heat of it all…”

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3 Responses to Shanghai Series: : Crispy Green Onion Pancakes, or Scallion Pancakes (蔥油餅)

  1. Allan Lin says:

    YES!!! I love Con You Bing!! It is literally one of the best Chinese foods out there! I think you do a very good job of describing this Chinese “delicacy.” Last time I went to Shanghai I remember looking at the sizzling pan completely ignoring all the oil sizzling into the pan and buying them immediately. I don’t remember getting sick from them, but maybe I didn’t get the right ones. I think your blogs are great at describing all the foreign delicacies of China and they do a great job of bringing back some memories. Hearing the description makes me want to eat Con you bing again and soon! I also like the comparison to other foods outside of China like the Indian Naan, it really establishes your ethos as a connoisseur of international foods!

  2. Manas says:

    Ughh you’re perfect and your post actually makes me want to go to China with you. TEACH ME THE WAYS OF THE SCALLION PANCAKE. In all seriousness as a fellow foodie, I’m really interested in your description of this food which you so clearly love. Also, it’s great that you compared it to Naan, you clearly know your way around international cuisine! This made me super hungry to read, but let’s just say I’ll be inviting myself over to the Chang household (I KNOW YOU LIVE HERE) for some scallion pancakes. Maybe Jack Johnson should consider changing his song title.

  3. Jenny Kline says:

    First off, you have interesting taste in music. Please never take me to da streets again. In all seriousness, you do an absolutely fantastic job describing this meal! I just finished eating my weight in Indian food and ice cream cake (ethnic birthday), but now I’m craving scallion pancakes. You paint vivid images with your writing, and all I want is a bite of that “crispy yet chewy confection of perfection.” You also have a really fun writing style. I really enjoyed this post!

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