WIP: Public Controversy Project

The main idea of our project is whether the drinking age should be lowered from age 21 to age 18. We’ve focused our presentation on the policy side of this issue, forming these questions;

  • Is lowering the drinking age logistically possible? Is there a point in lowering it?
  • Is the drinking age limit law effective? Will the law actually work?
  • What’s the big difference between 18 and 21? Why were these numbers of age picked?
  • What was more weight: Individual rights to drink or public health and safety?

We plan on introducing this project with a humorous drinking clip…because I’m sure there are some out there, especially in films (channeling The Hangover…) and then clearly presenting the question: should the drinking age be lowered to 18? I am researching whether lowering the age is actually effective. I will approach this in a statistical and evidence based manner as well as with input from students via interviews. In terms of evidence, I will research studies that have been done, for example, here is a study: http://www.collegedrinkingprevention.gov/supportingresearch/journal/wagenaar.aspx that focuses on the effectiveness of the drinking age on stopping alcohol-related problems. This study: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/hpcd/chp/cdrr/alcohol/pdf/lowerthedrinkingage.pdf talks about whether the drinking age law is effective in stopping underage binge-drinking. We will gather the data and present it in a visually pleasing and engaging way for the audience, such as creating our own graphs to represent the data and visuals like those seen in Supersize Me. Prezi will aid in this engagement of visuals.

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3 Responses to WIP: Public Controversy Project

  1. Roshan Promisel says:

    I think both of these links would be very useful for this project. They both have very good information that will help us answer our questions we’ve discussed. The PDF you posted raises some very interesting points on how more problems could occur if the age was lowered as well as having different opinions on the age being lowered. That will be beneficial for this project.

  2. Matt Swatski says:

    I think that the data you posted are excellent point-counterpoint arguments for and against changing the drinking age. These can all be used toward the question of whether the drinking laws are actually effective. However, in this instance of the drinking age actually working, we can speak from experience whether it actually works. The differences between 18 and 21 should be discussed from a health and developmental perspective. Does the brain actually change that much during those three years? Are 18 year olds that different from 21 year olds? For the final question you post, I hope to answer these legal questions during my investigation of the laws. I expect to read some legal documents on the issue.

  3. Shannon Wagner says:

    I actually stumbled upon the first link as well when I was doing my research with the health-related aspect of the drinking age law. The second link, too, is especially useful because it embodies most if not all angles of the argument; however, it is clearly pro-21 years. Now that we’ve gathered all the research though, we need to now proceed with personal opinion!

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