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FINAL RCL: Blog Evaluation

The two Passion Blogs I chose that I think are the strongest posts are the posts “The Dim Sum Series: Steamed Beef Tripe” and “The Sichuan Series: Chengdu Liang Fen”. In the Passion Post about Steamed Beef Tripe, I wanted … Continue reading

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DAMN who is dat gurl in the mirror? REFLECTIONS2012: Final WIP of the semester

Think about yourself as a work in progress. What have you learned about yourself as a writer/speaker/student this semester? What are you most proud of? How would you like to continue to improve? What are you hoping to learn or … Continue reading

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The Dim Sum Series: Steamed Beef Tripe…MMM

What is Beef Tripe? That is a good question, Sarah Chang! See picture below. Let me tell you what beef tripe is. According to the reliable and extraordinary Wikipedia, Beef Tripe is the made up of the first three chambers … Continue reading

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