The Dim Sum Series: Steamed Beef Tripe…MMM

What is Beef Tripe? That is a good question, Sarah Chang! See picture below.

Let me tell you what beef tripe is. According to the reliable and extraordinary Wikipedia, Beef Tripe is the made up of the first three chambers of a cow’s stomach! Those include the rumen, the reticulum, and the omasum.


Tell me you’re intrigued. Please. No such thing as disgusting in this blog; only delicious. Trust me, and let me tell you why cow stomach is nothing but irresistible.

Its texture.


It’s not tender and doesn’t melt in your mouth like a regular filet mignon…but we’re not in a fancy, luxurious restaurant with fancy lights, classy women in shimmering sequined dresses and men in tuxedos, pinkies out please! We’re in a cozy dim sum hut with lovely Asian women pushing metal carts around with steaming hot goodies. BUT the food is better (maybe I’m a bit biased) and they give you more (no more of that small piece of whatever on a fancy plate that costs $500…you know what I be talkin’ bout dawgs).

The chewy texture puts the fun in funky beef! It’s a game: how many chews does it take for us to finally engulf the flavorful and juicy beef tripe that is seasoned to perfection. Chew on, comrades. Chew on.

Its flavor.

Once steamed to its chewy texture, it’s dosed in a savory chicken broth and rice wine, sprinkled with salt and pepper, sautéed with cut up ginger, scallions, and cloves. Spicing things up are the red chili peppers that are juiced to taste. When you take a bite, you chew for awhile, and the flavors ooze onto the taste buds. We get a sophisticated spark of spice amongst the mild, smooth soup.

Its exotic-ness.

Just being able to say yes, I’ve eaten beef tripe is better than being able to say you’ve eaten escargot, better than being able to say you’ve climbed Mount Everst, better than being able to say you’ve saved a life.


Would Beef Tripe be something you’d want to cross off your bucket list? Or is the fact that this is basically cow stomach too much for you?

Song du jour: Beef Tripe is my boo. The smooth voice of Usher and tune of this song goes perfectly with the smoothness of the juices of this exotic dish. Alicia Keys and Usher are both exotic and amazingly sexy…in my opinion.




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  1. Sarah Summers says:

    Oooooh, I don’t know about this one, Sarah! You definitely make it sound more appealing that I would have thought possible. I’m not sure I could get past all the chewing, but it might be worth a shot.

    Really enjoyed your blog this semester! I feel so prepared to order some great Chinese food now!

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