This I Believe Ideas

I believe in the storming of the brain.

  • The irony of pushing for a thunderstorm, for high blowing winds, cracks of lightening, and torrents of water for that one spark of an idea.
  • When it doesn’t storm, it’s nice, dry, pleasant, and we feel content. But sometimes, it’s better to feel a bit irritated. That crack in our comfort will cause us to storm, and a split second of bright light can do something much more than thought possible.
  • Focusing on the pushing of a storm, making ourselves think outside the box and differently because now more than ever, thinking differently is just as important as thinking deeply.

I believe in showers

  • The idea of cleansing ourselves every day, washing away the dirt that has accumulated
  • By dirt, I mean the sorrows, the fear-inducing concepts, the anger creating situations, all things bad and realizing that at the end of the way, we should shed that all away
  • Play around with the notion of what is permanent, and what we take from our washings
    • Do we leave everything behind? Or do we learn from them?

I believe in making a fool out of ourselves

  • Embarrassing moments
  • What can we take away from these? The idea of laughing at ourselves; we learn more that way, and come back at the end of the day appreciating what we’ve been through, a bit like shower
  • Laughing is a panacea and I believe in that, no drug, no therapy can have such a raw intimate and purely joyful feeling
  • I want to spread that joy in places we don’t see it. When we are devastated by something, we take away the darkness of the situations and filter out the smiles.


I believe in the value of education and education as a right

  • Waiting for Superman reaction
  • Lottery system, why do we leave the education of a child up for fate?
  • Play around with idea of what is Superman and will he come?
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  1. Sarah, this looks fantastic! I’m really looking forward to the final product.

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