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Civic Issues Blog 2: When Education is a Lottery

The cage spins. The papers rattle. A hand plunges into the pool of fate and pulls out someone’s destiny. This is the lottery system. A student’s education can be determined by this lottery. It’s random, yet the chances are equal. … Continue reading

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What is education?

While perusing some articles for my next Civic Issues Blog, which is about education equity and class stratification, I stumbled upon this quote that reminded me of last semester: “My biggest concern . . . was the focus on testing … Continue reading

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Before you go to Late Night…

Now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (the Chinese one too!) have passed, I think we all can admit that we overate. We stuffed our faces in mashed potatoes and gravy, indulged in too many Christmas pastries and cookies, and … Continue reading

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Moderat Philosophy

I feel as though for the most part, all the moderator philosophies that we will develop will have similar criteria: foster ideas from every perspective, allow for communication of ideas, play a bit of devil’s advocate. Currently, I have signed … Continue reading

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Can you hear me now? Good.

If someone tells you to stop listening to that ridiculously loud music on your iPod because they think you’re gonna go deaf, it might be a good idea to do that (don’t worry I am guilty of it as well..), … Continue reading

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Civic Issues Blog 1: The Education Gap

I want to discuss America’s education system and access to education. I want to discuss education equity and the closure of the prominent achievement gap that spans between rich and poor. As a student who believes in the power of … Continue reading

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