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Do you have a heart?

Sometimes, I have to wonder whether some people really have heart, and sometimes, it’s hard for me to believe that they do. And then there are those people who I really just want them to undergo a change in heart … Continue reading

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CI Blog 3: Charter Schools

When the topics of reforming education and education equity surface, we hear the words “charter school” quite often. In fact, they have gained a reputation as the fix for America’s public education system. I was introduced to the concept of … Continue reading

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Who ever said drinking was bad…?

Well, PSYCH, it still can be. BUT what if you drink some classy and sophisticated red wine? You’ll look like these very fine individuals.     And even better, researchers at Harvard Medical School say it’s not too bad. In … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Brains

Turns out, if we place some of our own brain cells into a mouse’s, they become smarter. The future of extraordinaryly intelligent rodents is in the near future, and the human race is in danger! Superior Rodents vs. Humans. WHO … Continue reading

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