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This I Believe Ideas

I believe in the storming of the brain. The irony of pushing for a thunderstorm, for high blowing winds, cracks of lightening, and torrents of water for that one spark of an idea. When it doesn’t storm, it’s nice, dry, … Continue reading

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An Invisible Passion

Salutations all! I am going to take a slightly 180 transition here and change my passion blog from the analysis of Chinese delicacies, those munchies that will make the mouth drool, those munchies that we cannot find at your general … Continue reading

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Analysis of Civic Engagement Artifact

Definition of civic engagement: According to Schudson, “people are citizens insofar as they do not seek their own comfort, insofar as they serve the nation, and insofar as they hold beliefs beyond themselves”. We also engage in civic actions by … Continue reading

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你好朋友!Or as they say in English, HELLO FRIENDS, and be prepared for your taste buds to explode in overflowing thirst of China. I am Chinese. I eat Chinese food. I know what is good and what isn’t good Chinese food. After … Continue reading

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“Do The Right Thing” Response

This blog shall be broken up into two different parts, one on my opinion and reaction to it, the second on the rhetorical aspect of the film. Art, through voice or silence, speaks with a purpose. Art can be controversial, … Continue reading

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