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RCL: Public Controversies

Public, according to Dictionary.com means “of, pertaining to, or affecting a population or a community as a whole”. Therefore, something is public when the population in a community is given an opportunity to know about an occurrence, such as through the news, the newspaper, and through the community grapevine. A community, though, must … Continue reading

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TED Talk reflection

In my senior year, I contracted this disease where I would know what I was going to say, feel confident, and then a hole would suddenly appear, and everything inside my brain would fall out. It was a newly formed … Continue reading

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Dim Sum Series: Ma Tuan (Big Sesame Balls!)

Think hot, think chewy, think sweet and fried, think these big, round sesame balls. These are a staple to Dim Sum cuisine; if the restaurant don’t got it, then it’s not authentic to the slightest. These perfectly spherical delicacies bring … Continue reading

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