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WIP: This I Believe First Draft

Age: Four I waddle into the bathroom with my short, chubby legs and turn to stare at my father’s razor. My fingers wrap around its handle, and I feel powerful and grown-up. I gently place the razor on my face and pull down, … Continue reading

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The Right Musical Blend

Music is a magnet. We are all attracted.  No one is exempt. This doesn’t mean that people want to be exempt. Music has many sides to it: the sophisticated classical side, the mellow, hip alternative folky size, the jazzy side, … Continue reading

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Civic Artifact Speech Reflection

I’ve always had a problem of speaking too fast in front of an audience. Maybe it helps me on my ultimate goal of becoming the first ever Asian woman rapper in the world, but it sure doesn’t help my clearly … Continue reading

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The Sichuan Series: Chengdu Liang Fen

If you’ve gone to any Chinese restaurants of upper average quality recently, you’ve probably peered over or maybe even ordered a dish of the Szechuan style. The Szechuan or Sichuan* province as we say in China, is where my tastebuds … Continue reading

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