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This isn’t Science fiction

When you step into a green house, you expect to see the most exotic plants, the ones that consume meat, the ones that flourish with a rainbow of colors, to see leaves, trees, and petals. But instead there are jars … Continue reading

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Cells of Citizens

Take a microscope and observe the tiny particle that is the root to all life: the cell. Now zoom in even further and see how elegant each organelle facilitates its job, how everything in this amazingly tiny snippet of life … Continue reading

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Beginnings of the Rhetorical Analysis

The main goal of any advertisement is to sell a product. In this case, we are presented the perfume Midnight Poison by Dior, and tempted to purchase it. Purpose: To sell the perfume Midnight Poison by Dior to customers, to … Continue reading

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The Sichuan Series: Shui Zhu Yu ( 水煮魚)

  Shui means water. Zhu means boil. Yu means fish. Water boiled fish…sounds bland…but BOOM. Here comes the spicy stew that will melt your tongue off…literally. This dish is perhaps one of the most famous dishes from the Sichuan province, … Continue reading

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